Native Narratives 30. and 31. may

We are proud to  invite you to an evening conserning indigenous spiritual traditions. You will meet indian, naga and sami writers, who will enlighten you on their native culture.

Linda Hogan, writer in Residense for the Chickasaw Nation (USA), is a recognized public speaker and writer of poetry, fiction and essays. Easterine Kire Iralu should be known to the Tromsø audience both as a writer and an artist. She will perform her poetry with jazz musician Ola Rokkones. Ànde Somby is a profiled sami artist, engaged in sami culture and their legal rights.

Native narratives will take place at Tromsø bibliotek Monday the 30th of may, at 18.00.

The Monday evening event will be followed by an open discussion about environmental issues in the North with Linda Hogan . Meet at  Tromsø bibliotek on Tuesday the 31st of May from 10.00-ca.12.00.

This is a cooperation between Norsk Forfattersentrum,  Tromsø bibliotek og byarkiv, and the University of Tromsøs Institutt for kultur og litteratur, Senter for samiske studier, og Kvinnforsk.

Free entrance.

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